Wood&Stone handmade craft was created by two elements of nature in 2019 . The love for nature turned into a passion for designing and creating a unique and unusual furniture in a rustic style.

We offer

At Wood and Stone NI we offer unique handmade furniture in a refreshing style.

All our items are individually designed and created by using a combination of two natural materials; wood and stone. We listen to the customer’s own specific idea so that they are included in the creating process to guarantee the perfect piece of furniture suited to them. We encourage our customers to break the common interior design rules to create something outstanding.

Handmade furniture

The furniture we offer is specially prepared, detailed and adapted to the client's needs. Recycled wood is used to craft the furniture which carries history, old marks and imperfections. During the process of making wood crafts we do not want to destroy new young trees, in our art work we use wood that has already been used. We give your interior a unique style according to the harmony of nature by using only natural products.

Method Shou Sugi Ban

At Wood and Stone NI we use a method called Shou Sugi Ban in which an unusual wood colour pays tribute to an ancient Japanese technique. In this process the wood is charred to create deep slivering tones. It involves the following steps; charring the wood by fire, removing the char with a wire brush, cleaning the wood with a wet cloth and finally waxing the wood.

Our philosophy

Wood and Stone NI is inspired by our love of nature. We believe by using recycled wood steeped in history, we are able to create furniture with a brand new character and unusual glam look.